Leave Calendar

A number of leave applications have already been received. I will start allocating the leave only after all requests have been received on Nov 27th.

As you would know there will only be 5-6 relievers at any one time.  So if there are more than 5-6 leave applications someone is bound to loose out.

I will publish an online tally of leave applications received  every evening at six pm from now on. This is mainly to assist you to decide which weeks do you stand a better chance in getting leave , especially for those of you who haven’t applied yet.

However note this is done on a 24 hr basis and the results will be valid only at the time of publishing.

Disclaimer :

  1. Availability of leave on this calendar does not mean you will be allocated a leave , as the final decision is made after receiving all applications and relative merit of the reasons for the leave.Leave Calendar 2016 Applications